Work with Us

CapannoniRoma is a Real Estate Agency in Rome and a point of reference for customers who want to buy, sell, and make complete sales. CapannoniRoma is open to collaborations: both with the most accredited operators in the real estate sector and with promising new property finders.

Are you thinking about your future? For us at CapannoniRoma , the enhancement of human resources is an essential factor. CapannoniRoma supports the best talents to grow and become great professionals in the business of real estate, along with life-long learning aimed at promoting a cohesive and dynamic work team. Each new collaborator, in addition to his/her skills can swear by the support of CapannoniRoma from our traditional professional methods. The results creates a qualifying and motivating path not only for today but for the future in every working professional.

Tell us who you are, what are your qualifications, your previous work experiences, your goals and your professional experiences approach on interpersonal/international liaisons. CapannoniRoma can offer you the opportunity to develop your current skills and a reliable network society. If you live in Rome or its hinterland, you have strong motivations in the italian real estate sector, a positive attitude facing communication on a daily basis, with previous solid experience in the real estate sector. Send us your resume. Working with us it is possible to start a compelling, dynamic profession, all from acquiring new skills with a sense of satisfaction in any level at his/her professional career.