About Us

We are a working group formed by experts, up-to-date professionals oriented to the sale of large properties on-market and off-market following the traditional ways. We deal with real estate compendiums, sheds, factories, warehouses, buildings, lands, hotels, residences, with particular care and confidentiality towards a conscious and demanding clientele, to whom we provide complete real estate assistance, realizing 75% of sales already during the first month of assignment and becoming a reference point.

Our mission is to create a high standard of collaboration and commitment to provide our customers with a sense of security and cooperation useful for an ideal real estate sale. Where specifically requested and agreed, we are also able to operate through the use of innovative purchase and sale formulas, such as rent-to-buy (law 11.11.2004 n. 164, c.d. so-called “decreto sblocca Italia”) where the owner/grantor delivers the property to the tenant/future buyer, who pays the rent and after a predetermined period of time can decide whether to buy the property deducting from the price a part of the fees already paid), or as help-to-buy (preliminary contract with advance effects subject to transcription, with payments before the notarial deed.)

Collaborations with intermediaries, consultants, lawyers, fiduciaries, are evaluable only where exempt from further steps, normable by Nda, more Company Profile, Loi, Pof of the customer by certified e-mail.