Free Real Estate Evaluation And Inspection Without Obligation

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We operate mainly in central Italy in the city and in the Province of Rome


During the first month of assignment already takes place 75% of our trades


We sell your property without the help of franchisors, banks or multinationals


Without pre-printed or exclusive forms, we decide how to operate with you

Note for Contributors

Collaborations with intermediaries, consultants, lawyers, fiduciaries, are evaluable only where exempt from further steps, normable by Nda, more Company Profile, Loi, Pof of the customer by certified e-mail.

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    via del Labaro, Roma

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    via Nomentana, Roma

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    strada Statale del Nucleo Industr. di Monterotondo, Monterotondo


Why CapannoniRoma

CapannoniRoma is the independent and dynamic real estate agency that carries out mediation activities in the sale and in the lease of compendiums, warehouses, factories, buildings, land, hotels, residences, putting your needs at the center of commercial negotiations.
Free from franchisors, multinationals and banks, the only standards, management and marketing models to be respected are those to be decided with you, as well as the conditions and parameters of off-market and on-market commercial confidentiality of your property.
In compliance with the laws in force, CapannoniRoma, is able to leave you a unique margin of maneuver, establishing from time to time with you types of sales contracts, gentleman agreements, commercial passages free from commitments to sign complexes pre-printed and strict exclusive mandates. With a promise of commitment aimed at results, CapannoniRoma provides you with a free and non-binding service of evaluation of the property also with inspection, management of contracts via e-mail also certified, illustration of projects, photos, plans, documentation.


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